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Passionate about design

profile jakub szkaradek

The light was lit on a slope. Two people met to share snowboarding adventure which later evolved into Lexavala. Jakub Szkaradek and Paweł Zajiczek started working together to create out-of-the box illumination solutions where crucial goal is the style. Active sportsmen, they always work full time to get better in what they do, putting all they have to it. And if it’s not beautiful, it won’t be released. Inspirations are gathered by two separate minds, but the outcome is always a whole. Even if the design is close to being finished, one of them always keep on pushing to make it even more astonishing.

In Lexavala marble is essential. Keeping its eminency and natural origin they combine might of the stone with royalty of the light. Every piece of rock is being carefully treated and polished accordingly to desired shape with no shortcuts taken. From the first time they hold a completed product in their hands to the moment when it fulfills its duties, it’s always the same. It’s wonderful.

profile pawel zajiczek